Fish that can live with Goldfish and fish that absolutely can’t

Building a friendly community for your fancy goldfish is both rewarding and challenging. But if you are keen to diversify your aquarium, our must-know tips will help you out. We will look at fish that can live with goldfish in peace and harmony, and the ones to avoid if you don’t want a disaster on […]


What Causes Algae In Fish Tanks And How To Take It Under Control

Every aquarium owner will have their own story about dealing with algae. And if you have a tank, you’ll most probably know by now that sometimes it can be difficult to have stable conditions in your aquarium. So, to make things easier for yourself and the inhabitants of your fish tank, let’s discover what causes […]


Betta Fish: All You Need To Know About The Gorgeous Siamese Fighting Fish

Betta fish are easily one of the most eye-catching aquarium dwellers. However, their sheer attractiveness should not be the primary decision-making factor in setting up a pet fish tank. As you will learn below, betta fish are best suitable for experienced fish tank guardians who fully comprehend the complex requirements of these beautiful creatures. What […]


Your Beginner Guide to Aquascaping

If you’re interested in aquascaping, you’ve found the complete guide to everything you need to know. In this beginner guide, you will learn the basics of setup, construction, and other essentials of creating the perfect aquascape aquarium. What is Aquascaping? Aquascaping is the art of arranging hardscapes, including rocks, plants, cave work, and other items […]